Our Capabilities

We are an adaptable team of highly experienced project managers, civil constructors and electrical operators with a commitment to innovative, safe and affordable project outcomes.

Never compromise on quality

Our extensive knowledge spans across a diverse range of project requirements. Our capabilities are unrivalled in the electrical, communications and utilities industries.

We have grown organically from a company primarily focused on underground network installation to the telecommunications industry into a multidivisional organisation providing excavation, directional drilling, cable hauling and civil construction services.

We have listed several of our services below and we can adapt to undertake any aspect of your civil project. Get in touch to determine how we can elevate your project.

Trenching and excavation

  • Specialist in locations of underground services utilising electronic methods and Non-Destructive digging (NDD)
  • Specialists in complex excavation within nominated alignments, easements and zone substations
  • Specialists in trenching within clearances of live underground utilities such as High-pressure gas, Water mains and Telecommunications networks (copper, coaxial & optical fibre cables)
  • Electrical and communication Conduit installations from detailed communication conduit installation to multiple conduit Electrical infrastructure installations.

Trenchless techniques

  • Specialists in the installation Complex Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • Auger Boring


  • Specialised cast-in-situ cable access pit construction (Telstra, NBN & Electrical )
  • Electrical Joint bay construction (33-132 Kv)
  • Pre-cast pit installation

Civil works

  • Excavation and Trenching
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)
  • Concrete Culverts
  • Street Lighting foundation Ragbolts
  • Conduit Installation
  • Auger and Bed Boring (Roads, driveways and trees)
  • Concrete Joint Bays and Pits
  • Permanent Restorations of Roadways, driveways and footpaths

Cable hauling – overhead and underground

  • 33-132kV transmission & testing
  • 22/11kV & LV distribution & testing
  • Street lighting
  • Optical fibre

Cable jointing

  • 33-132kV transmission
  • 22/11kV & Lv distribution
  • Street lighting
  • Optical fibre
  • UGOH, substation and pillar terminations, testing and commissioning
  • System and substation earthing

Project delivery

  • Highly experienced Project delivery team
  • Resource management to meet all project deliverables
  • Quality, environmental and safety management

Major infrastructure projects

  • Asset Relocation Projects
    • Power
    • Communications
    • RMS Intelligent Transport Solutions
    • Water / Drainage
  • Public Infrastructure Projects
    • Consac cable replacement
    • Kiosk and Padmount Substation upgrades
    • Public street lighting
    • 33-132kV Transmission construction & cable installation
    • Intelligent Transport Solutions
    • New public and private developer electrical infrastructure projects
  • Asset Owner Infrastructure construction projects for;
    • Endeavour Energy
    • Ausgrid
    • Telstra
    • NBN
    • Government
    • Councils
    • Optus
    • TPG
    • AARNet

Electrical utility infrastructure services

  • Distribution Networks
  • Installation and Testing of Earthing Systems
  • RMS Local Government and Public Lighting network installations
  • Transmission Substations feeders and Zone Substation network construction

We have proven to be the company of choice within our industry through our experience, project history, people, honesty and our collaborative approach to all aspects of the project.